Socks aren't just for feet anymore!

For many many many years, people of all ages and genres have thought about the sock as SOLE-ly (or even, at no fault of their own, *exclusively) a solution for feet extremities. BUT! In hindsight, the truth is that there is so much more to a sock than what originally met your eyes!!!  Believe it or don't believe it, but the real fact of the matter is—socks, as we know them today, have many more uses than even our own imaginations have thought of so far.

Q4 Foot Textile Projections

Outlook promising at the least: It should come as no surprise for those of you who have been following this blog and keeping up with other news in the industry that we're only on the tippy-toe (see what I did there) top of the iceburg when it comes to footwear sustainability. The latest projections are in and they are looking as good as gold if not better (depending on how gold is performing or underperforming and how much you have). As you can clearly see in the chart below, there is an ongoing ever-present demand for inner-shoe fabric linings (socks) in local markets and markets worldwide. Market Revenues are projected to increase and an appreciation for sockwear is growing daily every day thanks to new advancements in distribution such as Sock Of The Month Club and others just like it but with different variations. This helpful data chart shows statistical analysis of ongoing sock projections. Source: Socks Market Transparency Market Research In-Depth Analysis Accurat

Socks of today and todays trends!

Part 2 of 3 in series It's not surprising that socks are making national news worldwide in headlines in todays news. From all reaches of the earth socks are experiencing an exciting new revolution in both style, genre, color and prominence. In recent history socks have gone through a "dark ages" of sorts much similiar to that of Western Europe centuries ago. The Sock "Dark Ages" There have been few movers and shakers since the sock glory days of the striped tube socks of the 70's and leg warmer socks of the 80's. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying business socks or standard tapioca white socks are bad at all. They definately have their place in a professional setting. But if one was to make a fashion statement... Latest Sock Fashion Statements Rob Kardashian Sock Design New If one wants to be fashion one would look to Rob Kardashian for advice. In this article /celebrity/news/ arthur-george-rob-kardashian-

A blast from sock past!!

Part 1 of 3 in series Believe it or not believe it! Socks are not a new invention people just made!!! That's right! Socks have been here for quite some time now!! Although you and I have probably only been wearing socks since we were born long ago, people have been wearing socks (or something much like a sock) on their feet since before you and I were EVEN BORN!!! That's right, people. I found this exciting video which is a great learning experience and my good friend Martin helped put it on this web page linked here. Check out this exciting video and thank you for taking the time to produce it! Enjoy it! Part 1 of 3 part series titled : Socks Past, Present, Future Join me, Niles, as I explore with you if you join me where socks have been in history where they are currently now today in the present and where socks will go in the future in this exciting new 3 part series called "Socks Past, Present, Future" and thank you to my good friend Martin for this exc

Sock Organization

As an avid proponent of the sock industry, I find socks both exhilarating and enthusiasm. It has come to my attention from many of my fans and followers and friends and colleagues that the topic of "sock organization" is one of growing importants. So this post is my professional opinion and advice on the matter. First and foremost... determine your sock genre. If you are like 87% of americans - you consistently wear one sock (style) and one sock (style) only. I have recommend to many that you should donate all unmatching pairs to various sock recycling agencies and organizations and only keep the one version of sock you wear. This makes for easy finding when all socks match the other one they are by. When you determine your sock genre you can ask for only that kind of sock genre for christmas or easter or your birthday so you don't get kinds you don't want to get in your one kind sock drawer. Second Step You can look at this great tutorial by a fellow sock

A Sock Saved is a Sock Earned

Abraham Lincoln once said that "A penny saved is a penny earned." This could be because his face was on the penny, but I think he knew how to save things and keep the things that he saved and even if they were little that someday they would grow and be into big things. Bear with me and let's apply this application to socks. I've recently been saving socks for the future. You see - I think that with enough socks saved - we could melt down their components and re-weave them into a new material woven into new pairs of socks. This technology is already being used in gold, silver, metal, and cell phone technologies and is already saving materials for manufacturers. Nowadays, you hear that everyone is "going green" with their saving and the way they make things, etc. It is my goal to for the sock market to "go green" with everyone else at the same time. You can count on us to be doing our part to help and to save the environment in our own ways. The wa

Innovation and it's relation to tube socks

Hello Computer Citizens, A big thank you to Phil for helping me get this website set up (thank's Phil). I am coming to the realization that the more I get into the computers and into the technology of the future - the more the innovation sparks flicker in my brain. It makes me think back and laugh a little to myself, because when tube socks were introduced they were quite the innovation for their time - they were what stood between you and a set of bad blisters (we've all been there before). So I urge you to be the best innovators and brain thinkers you can be - and do the tube sock a favor and be an innovator like the tube sock was in the past and the present and will be again in the future, that is my pledge. Sincerely, Niles Griffin